Trash Chutes


50' Maximum Height Package

  • Includes: Parapet outrigger assembly, hopper section with support chains and 14 Chute sections.
  • Weight: 643 lbs.

100' Maximum Height Package

  • Includes: Parapet outrigger assemblies, hopper sections with support chains and 28 Chute sections.
  • Weight: 1,286 lbs.


  • Can be mounted to any type of structure including parapet walls, window openings, slab roofs, and scaffolding
  • High Density Crosslinked Polyethylene

1. Provides stress cracking resistance.

2. Provides low temperature impact strength.

3. Excellent chemical resistance.

4. 3/16” material thickness

  • Made from 100% recyclable material

  • Excellent low temperature impact strength

  • Lightweight, yet strong

  • Maintenance free, easy to clean

  • Easy installation

  • Can handle solids or liquids

  • Chute sections can be nested together for easy transportation

  • Meets OSHA Standards