Winter Roadshow 2016


Keep checking back for updates on this event! 


 We look forward to seeing you at our 1st Annual BilJax | Losberger Roadshow in Richmond, CA.



BilJax has partnered with tent manufacturer Losberger on a Roadshow in the California marketplace. BilJax will have their one of a kind tent flooring solution, the TF2100, on display. Losberger will be displaying one of their tents ontop of our floor demonstrating the ease of these two products combining to make one structure.

BilJax has partnered with Losberger US, displaying their 12m/40' wide Losberger Easy Flex Plus Expandable clear span structure on BilJax revolutionary TF2100 demonstrating the seamless integration between elevated, engineered floor with tent. The display will showcase the ability to elevate clear span tent structures safely. The new TF2100 is simple to install with endless possibilities.


Partnering manufacturers: 

We have also partnered with LB White Heating, Tent Ox and Block and Roll Tent Ballast Solutions who will be performing hands-on, live demonstrations!  See below for more info.


NEW this year - Tiered Beams, Sunken Floors, Erection Walkboards, and more!  Until now, tent installers struggled with erecting tents when elevation is required.  This ground-breaking system combines BilJax event platforms with Ring-lock scaffold and is the first system to be designed to integrate with clear span tent structure when elevation is required.  TF2100 removes the ‘guess work’ by being simple to set up, requiring fewer parts, and offering substantial labor savings.

This flooring solution will be on display at this event and in the mean time, you can find more information by visiting this page

The Losberger branch in the USA offers the entire range of tents and halls for the event and trade fairs sectors, for industry, trade and commerce, for disaster protection, military and emergency rescue purposes. 

Trade-fair companies and the organizers of events are just as much customers as industrial, trade or commercial undertakings, aid organizations and armed forces, as well as civil defense organizations. 

Losberger Easyflex Plus - 3 in one -  12m, 15m, 18m spans : 40' / 50' / 60' spans

 The Easyflex Plus system offers the option of spliced rafters; with a 12m base rafter, the new expandable rafters give you the possibility to set up a 15m or 18m widths. 

Cost Saving, Economic Efficiency and Versatility make the Perfect Trio:

Versatility of Inventory:

Interchangeability translates to economic advantage versus buying three different tents.  This reduces costs overall, streamlines inventory management and transport, while minimizing crew training times.

Easier Material Handling:

The new spliced rafter allows for shorter components which means lower transportation costs without giving up 15m and 18m widths.

Economic Benefit:

The Easyflex Plus profile, like all of our large structures, allows for integration of Glass or PVC Hardwall as well as integrated drop-in cassette flooring system.  Cost-efficient interchangeability!

Tent Ox - Tent Ox makes it possible to complete an installation or take down with a smaller crew in a fraction of the time spent using traditional machinery.

Block & Roll - Staking tents is not always an option. Our goal was to develop a system for ballasting tents that offered speed in installation, safety, easy storage and transportation. The Block and Roll system answers all of those needs.

LB White - : L.B. White manufactures direct- and indirect-fired forced air heaters, convection heaters and radiant heaters in a variety of heat outputs, ignition types, electrical requirements and installation options. A full line of accessories and service parts are also available.

GROOVE - Revolutionary surfaces including teak, blue stone, and more.



Need a place to crash?


If you are looking to stay the night, we have picked out some recommended hotels in the area. We do not have a rooming block at any hotel, so the rates listed below are estimated and could change!    

Extended Stay San Rafael $118

Embassy Suites San Rafael $191

Courtyard Marriott Larkspur $259



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